Essay Differences Between Knowledge And Existence

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Throughout history, philosophers have been known to use skepticism as a method to justify their theories of existence and knowledge. Such philosophers like Descartes who wrote in his meditations that by doubting everything one is able to establish a foundation based upon certainty. However, others philosophers like G.E Moore and Barry Stroud reject Descartes and continue on to explain their foundations and ideas on the connection between knowledge and existence. Certainty and The Problem of the External World are both works that focus on the notion of how knowledge does not need to be justified through skepticism in order to be proven certain. In the work Certainty, the author presents seven different assertions in which he claims to be true. Through his assertions Moore implies that these statements are not only true but they are in fact certain. As well as the fact that he knew that they were. He attempts to prove that he is firm of these thing that he believes to be certain unlike other philosophers who attempt a more doubtful approach. Moore attempts to prove his argument on knowledge of the external world through a short explanation, one where he presents the notion of there being one hand, afterwards another hand is introduced, therefore there exists two hands. When he has one hand and then is presented with another he knows that there is nothing more certain than the fact that he is holding up his hands. So if “here is a hand” is true then the conclusion of a “a hand…

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