Essay on Differences Between Greece And Rome

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Empires from 500 BCE all developed and changed over time. Many factors contributed to these developments and changes such as their geography and their leaders. Geography influences cultures, people, and agriculture. Greece and Rome had very different types of land even though they both shared the Mediterranean Sea. The land quality of Greece and Rome are quite different, as are the cultures and religions; leaders made an impact on the way these empires developed.
First of all, the Mediterranean Sea was shared with Greece and many other empires. It was used for the trade of goods. Along the waterfront of Greece, there were rugged mountains with rocky soil. It made it difficult to grow food necessary for life. Foods that did grow well in Greece were olives and grapes, so they would use these items to trade with other empires/countries. They could trade, using the waterways of the Mediterranean to obtain the food necessary for life. With the steep mountains on the shores of Greece, many other ships did not dock or try to conquer the land. Being along a coastal line, Greece was susceptible to many natural disasters that would destroy the land, crops and people with little to no warning.
While Rome was first settled by the Tiber River, it grew throughout the land, acquiring farmland that could easily use the Mediterranean Sea for the trade of the crops. Having a diverse landscape with several different kinds of agriculture, helped Rome grow. Farming wheat and barley for…

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