Differences Between Generational Work Styles And Attitudes Essay

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Differences between Generational Work Styles and Attitudes Work styles differ between each generation, mainly due to the many advances in the quality of life, especially that of technology. This can affect the view points between the older and younger generations. Deana Coan makes a statement that “One area where generational differences can be found is in the attitudes towards work” (Coan 17). Attitudes of employees are very important to how productive the workplace is. The different values of each generation can become a factor in how people get along as well as how they work as a team. How exactly could differences affect how people can effectively work together? The different strengths and weaknesses that each person’s generation has, can be a tool in which could help create a better work place and make things run more smoothly or turn where they work in a stagnating means to an end. Izzy Gesell states in his journal article that “We are all aware that the different generations in the work place have a different values and mindsets.”(Gesell 21) For instance the viewpoint of some of the older generations, is that the most important thing about your work place is structure and good work ethic. While some of the younger generations, such as Generation Y, thinks more along the line of “whatever you do to get it done, as long as you get it done”. You can already see the conflicting views about how do just one task. Different styles also play a role in how…

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