Differences Between Domestic And International Terrorism

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Over a span of forty years there were nearly 40,000 terrorist related activities all over the world. Almost 8% of these attacks were within or directed against the United States, while the other 92% was directed at other nations. 8% does not seem like a huge number when one thinks about how many countries there are in the world, however 8% is a huge number when one puts it into the perspective that terrorist attacks can occur in a country or they can be against a country. Some nations deal with terrorist activities on a weekly basis, but those terrorist attacks are not always against the nation as a whole. A majority of the terrorist attacks against the United States occurred internationally, or in other words out of 471 terrorist attacks against the United States 380 of them occurred somewhere besides the United States. This means that between 2001 and 2009 there was 91 homegrown terrorist attacks. Out of these attacks nearly 69% were bombings; and regardless of the attacks were domestic or international a large percentage of these attacks were against businesses. …show more content…
International terrorist groups also seem to target diplomatic offices, whereas domestic terrorist organizations target private citizens and property. Another difference between domestic and international terrorists is the way in which they attack the United States, as said previously international terrorists are known to use bombings against us, whereas domestic terrorists use arson. I suppose domestic terrorist target private citizens, property, and United States businesses’ because they believe that justice will be rewarded by attacking or killing; subsequently this follows the reasons of international terrorists. Justice drives terrorists because they are fighting for something they believe in or even something they are against because in their minds they have nothing to

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