Diet : Balanced And Nutritious Essay

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Diets: Balanced and Nutritious
Americans are realizing that there is an obesity problem. Many Americans have learned that if they cut back on the number of calories, they can lose weight. Little do they know, it isn’t just about calories. Calories are an amount of energy in food.
There are good calories and wasted calories. Good calories are calories that the body can get energy from easily. The body uses all of the nutrients in the food, and energy is provided for the body. Wasted, or empty calories are calories that are filled with extra additives that the body doesn’t need. This usually refers to junk food.
When cutting calories, it is important for Americans to fill their diets with food that will provide their body with energy. The body needs energy to keep moving and survive. If they take away to many calories the body cannot survive. It will slowly shut down. When providing a body with calories, eating just junk food is not an option. The body needs a balanced diet. According to Rebecca Scritchfield, MA, RD, LD, ACSM Health and Fitness Specialist who provides elite nutrition in Washington D.C., a balanced diet includes a variety of food groups. There are five main food groups that a balanced and nutritious diet should be dispersed between. The five main food groups are: grains, fruits and vegetables, proteins, dairy, and other.
When people refer to a balanced diet, it doesn’t mean eating the same amount of cookies as carrots. A balanced diet refers to eating the…

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