Diet Analysis : The Diet Essays

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To begin with the diet analysis I was afraid of what my results would be in fact I knew the results would be bad but not as bad as it was. I’m glad we did this because everything I put in my mouth it had to be written down for three whole days. All of my teenage years I wanted to lose weight and I never understood why. I always tried to do diets but they just wouldn’t work for me. But after looking at the type of plan I need for my own body I emphasis on “my own body” because every person has a different intake than others depending on your weight, your goal and they type of physical activities you do (if you do). My plan tells me exactly what I need for my body and by looking at my information the intake of food is no where near where it needs to be, my nutrient target is over a bit, and I saw a difference between my week and my weekend. Looking over my food groups and calories report a lot of what does have a target is under. On my vegetables group I thought I had enough for everyday but my report tells me different I’m actually not eating enough from this group as required. I should in fact start eating more starchy and dark green vegetables. One area I knew that I would be under is seafood I’m suppose to have an intake of ten ounces a week and my average was zero ounces. Unfortunately, I don’t like a lot of seafood but tilapia and shrimp and that’s because I just recently started to like seafood. I know I should probably eat more seafood but for this section I won’t…

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