Diet Analysis My Calories Intake Meet The Average Of 2000 Calories

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In my part 1 diet analysis my calories intake meet the average of 2000 calories taken in regulate basin. However, there was some problem of eating more fiber and having a under status in carbohydrate. In order to fix it I need to eat more whole grains vegetable and fruit. For example, eating apple and whole grains bread will help me. Another problem was my total fat, sodium, and saturated fat was over the limit. I realize i probably would have to reduce my intake of sodium. For example, try not to eat ham and fried chicken because those foods contain high amount of sodium and saturated fat. Fried chicken is a bad choice to eat in my diet. Making smarter decision of eating any food is very important in the food report analysis. Another adjustment I needed to do was increase on some of my vitamin and mineral intake. For example, I was low in Vitamin A and D. these two vitamins are very important in the diet. As part of my plan I have to eat a lot of dark green and vegetable in my diet. I believe eating broccoli and drinking milk or cheese would help me balance my micronutrient vitamins.

Base on my Food Groups result I was over in refined grains. In fact, I need to eat grains for my diet. Choosing whole grains would be a better choice for me because whole grain has better health advantages: it includes the fibrous bran and the nutrient-filled germ of the kernel; it also has significantly more B vitamins, minerals and fiber than refined grains. On the other hands, I was…

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