Diet Analysis For A Healthy Diet Essay

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I have learned a lot about nutrition so far over the course of this semester.

This diet analysis project was probably the thing that I have least looked forward

to having to complete. I know my diet is poor, I figured I ate too many bad foods,

but I didn 't expect it to be lacking essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in so

many different areas. It 's truly amazing to see foods I thought were "complete"

and "good" for me, aren 't really, and may actually hinder me in the quest for a

truly healthy diet. So prepare yourself for the journey into my diet, there 's a lot

I need to address and change to make it better.

First off my calorie intake is 90% and lower than the required daily

recommended intake because I am trying to lose about 20 pounds. As I have

gotten older, I have learned and experienced that my metabolism has slowed

down mightily. This diet analysis isn 't helping as it states anybody over 25% BMI

is obese. This statistic is REALLY disturbing to me, as I feel I am overweight, but in

NO WAY do I feel that I am obese. I feel that 6 '3 ' 245 lbs. isn 't great, I am not fat.

I haven 't been the recommended on the high scale of 24-25% BMI at 200 lbs

since I was 19 years old. 22 years later and being less active and athletic than I

was then had put me where I am now. I know I need to be more active to burn

calories but it gets harder each and every day.

My food habits and what I…

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