Dian Fossey Research Paper

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Cause and Effect: Dian Fossey
I’m the woman who studied the gorillas of the Rwandan Mountains for almost two decades, I am Dian Fossey. On January 16th, 1932, I was born in San Francisco, California. When I was young my parents divorced, so I grew up with my mother and stepfather. While I attended school at the University of California, I was also working at a ranch in Montana at the age of 19, where I soon developed my love for animals.
Years later on 1952 I enrolled at San Jose Sate and I soon graduated in 1954. I graduated with a degree in occupational therapy. In 1955 I got a job at a children’s hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. While working I met a woman who had traveled the world. When I was shown pictures of Africa I wanted to go there someday, so I took out a huge loan and then left on September 26, 1963. While I was in Africa I met an anthropologist named Dr. Louis Leakey and told him about my love that I had for gorillas. When I returned to the United States in 1966, Dr. Leakey came back to Louisville, Kentucky for a lecture tour. I went to see him and he had a project for me to research gorillas in Africa.
While I was in Africa I set up a camp in the mountain range of Congo, where the gorillas lived. Over time I identified the different
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You can adopt gorillas in the Rwandan Mountains and donate towards them. You can also pay for different packages and take a trip and go visit them. The money goes to different things when you donate, like daily protection, scientific research, medicine if they get ill, and payments if they need a doctor. My gorilla fund still lives on and still helps out with gorillas. The fund has extended operations to help gorillas in other African states. If you give donations monthly it will help support important gorilla programs, such as operating anti-poaching patrols, monitoring gorilla groups, cutting-edge science, and equipping the next generation of Rwandan

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