Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 : A Progressive Condition Essay

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iabetes mellitus type 2 is a progressive condition whereby the body becomes resistant to the normal effects of insulin and/or loses the capacity to produce sufficient amounts of insulin in the pancreas (Goldenberg and Punthakee, 2013; Kahn, Cooper & Del Prato, 2014).The Australian Bureau of Statistics [ABS] (2015) stated that in 2014-15 an estimated 5.1% (1.2 million) of the Australian population had some form of diabetes and 4.4% (1 million) had type 2 diabetes, a significant increase from 2011-12 where an estimated 3.8% (840,000) of the population had type 2 diabetes.

The following report will provide an extensive review of the anatomy and physiology of the condition, terms related, the aetiology, signs and symptoms, tests and investigations, treatment and management including medications, as well as the potential complications that may arise with the onset of diabetes mellitus type 2.

2.0 Overview of anatomy and physiology
The pancreas is a focal organ in the development and presence of diabetes mellitus type 2, it stretches partway across the abdomen just below the stomach, and its main functions are to aid in digestions and to produce hormones that control glucose levels (Goldenberg & Punthakee, 2013; Kahn, Cooper & Del Prato, 2014). Whilst secreting enzymes that aid in the food digestion process, the pancreas also produces glucose – which is the fuel that provides the body’s cells with energy (Kahn, Cooper & Del Prato, 2014).

Within the pancreas there are tiny…

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