Diabetes Is A Victim Of A Chronic And Progressive Illness Essay example

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Until a few days ago, I shared a pretty common opinion, I believe, among lay people, that type 2 diabetes is a mild condition that affects only small percentage of worldwide population. I do not know many people with this diseases, and those who I know do not complain about it. Talking to Bob made me realize that diabetes is a life changing event that dramatically challenge almost everything someone has been doing, eating, feeling, and thinking. Virtually overnight, a newly diagnosed individual has to alter his or her lifestyle with new diet, eating healthy food, starting exercising, monitoring sugar level on daily basis, taking medication, frequent visits to the doctor’s office. Then a diabetic has to accept it and make sense of it. Learning that you just became a victim of a chronic and progressive illness that has no cure makes you painfully aware of how your life is never going to be the same, and how fragile your existence could be.
Bob felt like he lost something in his life. It was the loss of healthy self, the self that he thought was indestructible. The first months after getting a diagnosis were like an emotional rollercoaster. Depression, anxiety, frustration, fear, and anger are common when one tries to restore order in the midst of chaos. It was moving when Bob talked about how this condition affect people around him. I never realized that diabetes has such a profound impact on families and friends. Some people, like Bob, try to protect spouses and…

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