Development of Media Conglomerates by the Example of the Walt Disney Corporation

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Development of Media Conglomerates by the example of the Walt Disney Corporation
Within the last century the media industry in the United States was subject to a major change. Starting in the 1940ies, mainly evoked by the development of the television, the industry changed from the so called studio era1 to the television broadcasting era2. Through the development of television sets it became a lot cheaper for the Americans to watch television at home, than going out to a movie theater or auto theatre. Nevertheless there was still demand for movies, but competition had developed. Blockbusters were competing against the television program. Starting in the 1970ies cable, satellite, and video services became available. Additionally HBO
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After the war and with the upcoming television trend, Walt Disney was one of the first companies to identify the huge potential of the television technology. In the 50ties the company produced its first television show, the “Disney Television Show” at Christmas time and additionally launched its first television anthology series “Davy Crockett” and the “Mickey Mouse Club”. Both came out to be highly successful. “Davy Crockett” was on the air for 29 years and the “Mickey Mouse Club” was one of the most popular children´s series. Additionally to the step into the television business the Walt Disney Company started to produce life-action films and true-life adventure series. In 1955 the Disney brothers came up with another big innovation. Apart from their movie and television business they invented the idea, planned the project and opened the first amusement


park in the world. All the attractions in the park were connected to animated characters of their previous movies and television shows. Two years before his death in 1966 Walt Disney was able to publish another innovation in the film business. In the movie “Marie Poppins” he was able to combine live action, animation and animatronics4. The combination of these three was used for the first time in the history of film production. At the beginning of the seventies Roy Disney, who took over supervision of the company, continued to be successful with the movie and television business. In 1971 the Walt Disney Company

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