Essay on Developing The Sound Stakeholder Environment

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On some project events PM and his team can get surprise in the form of external events which create problems in project performance. However project are present because of external environment. So PM should be responsive to it.External environment includes latest state of art technology in which project is based, itscustomers and competitors .Its geographical, social, politicalsettings. All above mentioned factors are enough to affect planning, staffing, organizing, directing which contains PM’s responsibility. Most projects are intended to impact in one way or another. This is true particularly for construction projects. So project to be ultimately successful PM should take in to account this interdependency. If project takes number of years to complete it will have high amount of uncertainty or risk surrounding the project as result of its external environment. If greater is the uncertainty for project manager greater is the challenge for him or her and their team. Developing the sound stakeholder environment is one of the key factor of managing external environment for project managers.PM should learn the role of stakeholders and how their performance on the project. He or she should identify real nature of each stakeholder group and their interest in the project. Also should understand their behavior and motivation. Moreover how they react for particular situation. Good public relation is also important task which need to be accomplished by PM.Mainly if…

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