Developing Human Resources Essay

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Training and development is the main part in Human Resource Management (HRM). It is very significant for employees to enhance their performance and productivity, which leads to employee and customer satisfaction and an increase in the profitability of the organization.This report will be discussed by Australian public organization that named Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)in several aspects.
1. Introduce the background of DFAT, including background of the organization, the organization goals and strategy;
2. Link with DFAT to analyze five theories about training and development, which are cross-culture training, training design, development and managing diversity;
3. Summarize the performance in training
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Aiming to ensure flexibility for employees to better balance their professional and personal lives;
5. Promoting employee commitment to DFAT by upholding workplace diversity, anti discrimination and employee-friendly principles;
6. Enhancing employee development through a positive working environment that emphasizes well-focused training and career development.
In Annual Report (2010), it mentioned two new programs were implemented for non-SES staffs that are Leadership and Management Development Program, and Professional Skills Development Program. Except that, DFAT has Trainee Problem such as exchange officer, Language Training and Studies Assistance that is financial assistance for tertiary study related to the department’s work.

• Cross-cultural Training: the preparation of employees and their families to enable them to understanding the culture and norms of the country they are going to, and to help them prepare to return home at the end of their assignment (Raymond & Colin 2nd ed. 2012 pp.369).
• Training Design: training theories of transfer of training have implication for training design: the theory of identical elements, the stimulus generalization approach and cognitive theory (Raymond & Colin 2nd ed. 2012).
• Development: means formal education, job experiences, relationships and assessments of personality and ability that help employees to prepare for the future (Raymond & Colin 2nd

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