Developing Human Resources Management Plan Essay

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Develop Human Resource Plan

Human resources management is a strategic and systemic method to managing people in a manner that could increase their inspiration and involvement towards meeting the organization’s goals. A human resources plan is a departmental record that sets out what programs are necessary in the upcoming years to practice human resources management in the department. The purpose of a human resources management plan is to assist the department to reach its mission and goals through a systematic design and execution of human resources management programs.
In order to develop human resources plan, all project team members need to have an assigned job and associated responsibilities, and it is the project manager’s responsibility to explain these roles. The develop human resources plan process explains how the project manager will operate, manage, team formation, evaluate and improve the project team. Thus this process is implemented early within the project and is completed iteratively with other parts of planning such as time, cost, and scope.
The develop human resource plan specifics the project roles, responsibilities, mandatory skills and documenting relationships needed for success of the project. It contains project organization charts and the schedule for staff achievement and announcement, and can also contain identification of training requirements, team-building plans, recognition programs, compliance concerns and safety issues.
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