Developing Countries And Its Impact On Education Essay

1362 Words Jan 6th, 2016 6 Pages
For many years, countries have continuously been competing against one another to be greater and more powerful than the rest, whether it be in profits, aiding countries in need, and as of recently a growing significance in education and technology. The more the competition goes on, the larger the gap between developed and developing countries becomes, due to the humanesque survival of the fittest attitude. No matter how much countries claim that they help other countries and try to better everyone, research and statistics alone show just how unfair and unequal the spread of education and technology has become. One of the main reasons that developing countries are not as advanced as developed countries is due to what the country chooses to focus on. While many developed countries such as Finland and the United States focus on innovation and education, there are the developing countries such as Ghana and Honduras that have a much lowered focus on education, where primary education is not even mandatory, and the cost of even a decent education is too much for families to pay for due to poverty. Another issue is the sheer difference in education between countries. While all advanced countries continue to adopt new technology and create new things every day, while other countries are struggling to survive off of decade old technology. The amount of technology that is in a country has a close correlation to the level of education that is achieved or available in a country. If a…

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