Michael Parenti's Remake The World

If we look back at How to Take an Exam and Remake the World we find that professor Ollman rejects the common belief that the problems of less developed countries are too difficult to resolve. Moreover he heats up the argument by asking why developed countries would not actually help the ones that are suffering. He states that "since 1947, the world has spent $15 trillion on arms" (p.100) and how "it has been estimated that 1/2 of it would be enough to industrialize the entire third world up to the level of France, with a minimum of pollution.” Therefore, why do the wealthy countries do not invest into less developed ones? This is due to the fact that first world countries spend the money that could be given for help on weapons, which instead of helping actually produce pollution. Additionally, such countries are too occupied dealing with large businesses, that have a high influence over the government. This comes to …show more content…
It has advanced so much, that it has become a social system and even a lifestyle. In his book Parenti explains the biggest flaws of capitalism, which consist of unequal distribution of wealth, exploitation of workers and even corruption in government policies and within the politicians. He argues that such corruption is happening due to politicians wanting to implement laws that would favour large corporations, which would bring more money. Additionally Parenti continues by explaining how in his opinion such capitalist system should be taken care of with the introduction of social democracy. He argues that whenever capitalism messes up, they are never blamed for it, yet when it comes to prosperous times, especially the ones including high profits, capitalism is given all the credit, making this system

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