Developing Countries And Its Effects On The Economy Essay

1055 Words Nov 1st, 2015 null Page
The developed countries managed to develop their economy by technology. The rich countries have sought access to the Internet for use in the development of the economy, because they know the use of the Internet will develop countries. Most of the developed countries used the Internet fantastically in the development of the state in all respects, not only on the economy. However, the developing countries did not use the technology to develop their countries. Because of this, they cannot develop their economy, they take advantage the Internet to of develop the economic situation. Now the poor countries are trying to use the Internet after they saw the developed countries used it to increase their economy. The best way to help developing countries is to give them the Internet, because they want to solve their problems with poverty. Using the internet has a positive influence on the economy of developing countries such as the Mozambique government who try to give access for everyone in Mozambique, so countries should focus on the Internet to develop their economy. The relationship between the Internet and the economy is a strong relationship because the countries that used the internet have a much more sophisticated economy. For example, if a developing country is transformed using one of the online programs, it will develop its economy. According to James Manyika and Charlers Roxbugh of McKinsey Global…

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