Demographic Transition: Relation To Human Development And Economic Development

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Demographic transition is a demographic phenomenon that is characterized by changes in the population indicator of fertility and mortality from a high numbers towards a stable lower numbers. This phenomenon in the study of development is one of the alternative points of view to explain the development process, in addition to any other point of view that tends to emphasize the economic aspects, such as capitalism, industrialization, and the theory of modernity as the center of development process. In the process, it can be said that there are two camps that have formed a different perspective in explaining the process of demographic transition. As a consequence of these differences, the two camps also offer a different perspective on how the relationship between human development and economic development, two crucial indicator in the study of development. In this essay I will elaborate the differences between these two viewpoints. This essay will first define what is meant by ‘demographic transition’ and its relation to human development and economic development concept. After which, it will explore the theoretical basis for the assumptions of both classical and contemporary demographic transition and outline the differences between two views. Third …show more content…
However, advancement in human development can be followed by economic development provided that some conditions fulfilled, such as existence of labour market flexibility

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