Developing A Human Resources Plan Essay

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Factors to consider when developing a human resources plan include how It would be necessary to consider how the project contributed towards the organisations strategic program. Sections include: project overview, stakeholder engagement, workplace health and safety, risk management, team development and monitoring & control.

Determining human resource requirements includes making the most effective use of team members and subcontractors for the project. Some things to consider when selecting your team are previous experience, personal interests, personal characteristics, availability, competencies and proficiency. Select the team by concentrating on skills and abilities that apply to your particular project. You don 't necessarily need the person most qualified in absolute terms, but you need the person most qualified for your specific project [Acquire, 2015]. You almost certainly need a mixture of team members each with a different set of skills and abilities, rather than a series of copies all with the same skills.

A RACI Chart can be used to clarify roles and responsibilities for the life of the project. It is a table that provides a list of tasks and information about roles different people have in relation to those tasks. For each task, different people are designated a letter in the acronym ‘RACI’. R – a person responsible to complete tasks, Accountable – the one person who is accountable for completion of the task, Consult – a person who has input, Inform – a person…

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