Developing A Culturally Competent Care Essay

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Asian is comprised of a large group spanning from Turkey to Japan. Differences of their beliefs and culture depend on the geographic location. East Asia is considered the region with the highest number of aging adults that are prone to pain related to age. Asian culture approaches healing from pain and other ailments with an approach different than Western Medicine. Asians hold the mind, body and soul to high regard with treatment. They use herbal, oils, massage, coining, and acupuncture as alternatives to diagnostic testing or medication management. Poverty contributes to lack of healthcare and food which is essential for ageing adults. Multicultural housing consists of parents living with their children. The family hierarchy of this culture weighs heavy on medical treatment and options. As a nurse if we implement Leninger’s Transcultural Care Theory we can develop a culturally competent care plan that can enhance the patients healing process.

Managing Pain in Asian Culture
Pain is a feeling that as no boundaries. It doesn’t discriminate and can affect all ages despite your culture, race, religion or morals. Individuals deal with pain management differently. The pain tolerance scale varies with the individual and is considered the sixth vital sign. Pain is a subjective symptom and should be respected by the nurse and addressed appropriately with consideration of the patient. In the Asian culture, pain management is addressed differently than what Western…

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