Essay on Determining Credibility

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Ten Ways to Determine Information Credibility on the Internet

As the information age further expands and information is readily available in many forms instantaneously there is a huge need to validate the credibility of this information. The Internet is a place of many ideas. There are countless blogs, forums, and informational sites that contain data that is not guaranteed to be correct. There are no stipulations involved in putting information in the cloud. Anyone with the resources to do so can publish information. It is virtually impossible to authenticate and police this arena. Although there are groups that monitor sites that are deemed to be harmless to minors and others, these groups don’t have the ability to change the
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Lack of representation is also a key problem. The gap in technology and access to technology seriously hinders the relevance of information. So many people practically have no voice at all on the World Wide Web that only includes a small portion of world population. In our own country, minorities have a far less likely chance to access the web, not to mention those in outlying and rural areas. Information on the web is subject to many biases. These include search engine filtering, lack of objectivity of news services, propaganda, and commercialization of the Internet. Now that we have discussed why we need to question information available on the web, let’s discuss 10 different ways to evaluate this data. It is extremely important to apply critical thinking skills and constantly question information you are considering. The first thing to consider is authority of the work. Can you readily identify the author of the work? Is the author of the work clearly identified? One the web authors are using listed at the top or bottom page. Secondly, in direct relation to authority are the author’s credentials. Can this author be identified as an expert in this particular field? Do they have any past writings that establish any credibility? According to Metzger (2007), this is one of the least practiced strategies even though it is one of the most important for establishing credibility. Number three on the list would be quality. Is this information full of typos?

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