Essay on Designing A Unique Trend Helps Gain Confidence And Comfort

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Over the years styles have evolved drastically, one’s self could say it is an important form of self-expression the way one dresses can show others a lot about themselves. People don 't have to conform to a particular look for a certain situations. Style is about expressing ones self-individuality by the way they dress. It is important to develop a personal style to feel and look good! Creating a unique trend helps to gain confidence and comfort. One 's personal style sets them apart from everyone else making them different in their own way. Almost about every person falls into one of the five categories: Casual, Business Casual, Classis, and Bold. Casual
Those with a casual style are the easy going type. That prefer to wear comfortable and easy to maintain clothing. They tend to keep away from finicky fashions and not to be particular about minor details. They favor more of a laid back wardrobe. Usually they wear their hair in a tousled fashion. Not paying much attention to detail or trying to have the perfect look for hair, to give off more of the relaxed natural at ease look. Wearing casual clothing means t-shirt, jeans, some comfy shoes and in occasions maybe a sweater if it is cold. Unlike the Business Casual dresser who avoids tight or baggy clothes and leans more towards khakis and a pressed long-sleeved buttoned up solid shirt.
Business Casual
The Business Casual Dresser often has an intimidating type of style that can be intriguing. They may appear astounding and…

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