Designing A Large Diy Depot Essay

1974 Words May 26th, 2016 8 Pages

The given scenario is about constructing a large DIY depot in the town having population of 50,000, which is 150 km from their main supply and distribution Centre. The work is done by the XYZ Builders Supplier Group. The technical operational and functional improvements are the methods through which the company maintains it competitive edge. The company policy is also to be environmentally friendly and community and cultural sensitive as they realize it is the local community which support their business.
In this project, a Marae is located within 1 km of the proposed sites and near to that, there is one secondary school too. This project’s budget has been set to $60m, which is taken as realistic for this project to deliver the project within time period of 2 years.
The total timeline of the project is set to two years, which allows eight months for the design process, two months for obtaining the building’s consent and for setting up the construction procurement packages then a fourteen months for the construction.
The construction of the building in this project has been set almost straight forward,10000m2 warehouse type retail area with associated administrative offices and a 10000m2 yard part trade merchandising, parking access ways. For this project, there is no commercial contractor capable of doing this work in the local areas. And moreover, it is given that the objective of acceptable level of probity are observed. And at the same time the work…

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