Designing A Career Designed For The Creators Essay

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A Career Designed for the Creators 1. Art has almost always been an interest of mine and it’s something I know will stick with me even if I stop doing it as often while growing up. I believe with continuing my hobby of art and creating things with pencil and working to be exceptional at it, graphic design could potentially be a good option for me. With graphic design, I could take my work on paper and bring it to life on a screen. A graphic designer’s job revolves around their ability to create something. 2. They have to be able to come up with designs, concepts, and layouts to satisfy their clients (OK Career Guide). They are expected to create something eye catching and visually pleasing. In doing so, a graphic designer must know how to operate computer and design softwares. With this computer software, they make prints and layouts to present to their client (OK Career Guide). There are many great qualities a graphic designer must have that will help them with their job and their chances of getting hired. 9. Obviously, they must be artistically talented and creative; these qualities vary from person to person, but we all have it in us. A good skill to have is time management. Having time management will help with deadlines for the many projects and busy schedules a designer has. To get ideas across to their clients, graphic designers must be able to communicate well with people (Occupational Outlook). That way, the right information is given and the customer’s…

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