Descriptive Research Design Essay

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 Introduction To Research Design
 Introduction To Descriptive Research Design
 Descriptive Research Design
 Advantages & Disadvantages Of Descriptive Research Design
 Data Collection Methods: Survey & Observation
 Classification & consideration Of Survey Method
 Criteria for Evaluating Survey Methods
 Observational Research Methods
 Classification
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Naturally occurring behaviors observed in natural contexts that are contrived to be realistic. Require direct observation of behavior.Data gathered without intermediary instruments.Can yield a wealth of invaluable information.Can be a complicated process. Can be employed productively to support many purposes in educational technology.Can be used to determine how people interact with technology in various stages of design and implementation.

 Telephone
• Traditional telephone
• Computer- Assisted telephone Interviewing
 Personal
• In-home
• Mall intercept
• Computer- Assisted telephone Interviewing
 Mail
• Mail interview
• Mail panel
 Electronic
• E-mail
• Internet

 Sampling
 Type of population
 Question Form
 Question Content
 Response rates
 Costs
 Available facilities
 Length of data collection
 Computer assisted techniques for data collection

Flexibility of Data Collection
 The flexibility of data collection is determined primarily by the extent to which the respondent can interact with the interviewer and the survey questionnaire.

Diversity of Questions
 The diversity of questions that can be asked in a survey depends upon the degree of interaction the respondent has with the interviewer and the questionnaire, as well as the

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