Descriptive Essay : ' The Birds '

1748 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 7 Pages
The Birds chirp as you walk down the asphalt path that cuts through Monroe park on the VCU Campus your back pack heavy with books as you make your way to class. You are happy it’s your first day of class, but even though you’re nervous, you’re happy knowing that you are starting college and are going to make something of yourself. As you step into the class you see your peers all sitting there waiting for the professor, making your way to your seat you barely get seated when he comes in with a flourish, and announces his name and his expectations for you and your peers. You go from class to class that week with much of the same experience for each class, your dorm, a one room oasis for you to study and relax in is clean and relatively modern with little sounds coming from your neighbor’s dorm on either side. As the week draws to a close, you begin to wonder if this is real, did you actually make it into VCU, and is your college life going to be as great as this first week the entire time? Will it? Maybe what I have just presented to you is the ideal experience everyone hopes to have when they go to college or maybe it’s the actual experience of being a student in the engineering department of VCU.

Let’s begin by looking at the dorms at VCU and seeing what they offer and what kind of condition they are in. The dorms are mostly brick buildings in downtown Richmond, Virginia, also known as The Fan. Looking at the outside of the buildings they are like most of the buildings…

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