Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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"Let me get this straight, so you are going to go to the bar and change his mind?" Amy asks me as she stares at me while I look for something to wear in my closet.

"Yes, that 's what my plan is." I tell her unbraiding my hair and grabbing my towel and shower caddy; I need to shower and doll-up.

"Well then you should wear that black dress." She points at one of the discharged dresses on my bed.

I grab it and look at it; I need something that will say I mean business. I step in front of the mirror and look at myself-- yes this dress is perfect. "You are right this is the one! He can 't say no to me while wearing this one."

Amy rolls her eyes and reaches for her headphones. "If you say so."

I ignore her sassy remark and head to the bathroom. Now I need to figure out what I am going to say to him.

This plan can work out very well or go horribly wrong.


The Bemelmans Bar is everything I envisioned it would be; Booths are placed all around the room with small tables and the decor is different-- To what you would see in a normal bar. To the left there is a man playing the piano. He is extremely good at it. I observe him playing for a while until I remember why I am actually here.

I gaze around the room, hoping to see Mr. Hemmings when I don 't, I start to panic. Mrs. Williams said he would be here. I take a seat in the back corner and keep a good eye for him.

"Can I get you something to drink?" A tall man who I assume is the waiter asks me getting my…

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