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Lucy Aldagamseh
ENC1101 M/W 1:30
Descriptive essay

Lucy Aldagamseh
ENC1101 M/W 1:30
Descriptive essay

It was about two years ago when I got to visit my favorite place on earth, or at least I

thought it was. Around the house, it 's either as silent as mice or the halls are spread

with laughter. It was around nightfall, when I heard loud talking on the phone. I trotted

down a flight of seventeen steps and accompanied my younger sister, who was also

curious, towards the high-sounding voices in the living room. My mother was on the

telephone with her sister; whom she has not seen in almost thirteen years. This is because As I entered

the room, she motioned me over to her and told me that I was invited to stay with her

sister and her new husband in Manhattan, New York. At that moment, I felt joyous,

gratified and just a bit contented. New York has always been a place of freedom and an escape for me.

As the plane landed, I ascended from my velvety and cozy window seat and waited

for someone to let me pass through. Departing the plane, I felt extremely delighted

inside because I did not pay a dime out of my pocket for the adventure that I was

about to embark on. As I walk past a large assembly of people who are in a hurry to get

to their flight, I take a deep breath. There 's something about the atmosphere in New

york that is different from the small town that I reside in back home in Florida. There

was a scent of cold and nature. I grasped…

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