Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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The blaring sun forced my eyes to squint, leaving me with no other choice but to grab my sunglasses. The penetration of it interrupted my usual day dreaming. It was early afternoon in the middle of summer, and I was more than appreciative of the beautiful weather. It was not too hot, nor too cold, which put me in a calming state of mind. However, my eyes felt the effect of the radiating sun. Still squinting, I let out a sigh as I sluggishly leaned over the hammock. With my arm flailing around, I attempted to grab the glasses, but to no avail. After a meager amount of time had passed, I finally found the ambition to stand up and grab the glasses. My legs were wobbly from the lack of movement I had while on the hammock, but thankfully I was able to quickly return to it.
As I laid flat on my back, with my hands holding one another on my stomach, I was able to return to my fantasy world. I allowed my eyes to slowly close, with the top lid gently touching the bottom. Without my sight, I was able to focus on my other senses. I could smell the burning of wood from a fire that my parents had lit earlier. I inhaled the wondrous aroma, while I listened to the birds sing their tunes of happiness. A smile spread across my face as I felt my body drift away into complete relaxation.
Suddenly, dozens of images at once sped through my mind, but I latched onto the most exciting one-my future. After high school, I had planned to further my education by attending the University of Regina…

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