Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I finally find a small opening. Crawling slowly down North Limestone street, icy and slick, I keep my eyes peeled and there it is. The best thing for anyone hoping to go to a street-side business, a street parking spot. I hardly notice the forearm deep snow I ease my car through sliding just a little toward the curb as the wheels momentarily lose their grip on earths surface. I open my door, keys in hand and am blasted with frigid air. Lady wind rushes to greet me with her frosty fingertips as if hugging a friend. My layers are no match for her icy hands. I shiver slightly and briskly walk up the slick sidewalk steeling myself against the wind. The street is a mess of ice and what might have once been pure white fluffy snow. However, hours of exposure to tires and dirt and salt and sunlight had swiftly reduced the gleaming snow to a watery gray layer of sludge. People in the city have no time to admire the beauty of the white crystals that fall year after year. They only see them as an obstacle that keeps them from work, church, school, UK basketball, dinner with the in-laws, and other tedium. However, at this moment while I trudge toward my next end—a small local coffee shop known as North Lime Donuts—I take a moment to appreciate the snow. The sun beats down on it desiring to melt and destroy its peaks, but is thwarted by the diamond-like character of the snow which reflects the light away from its depths. I swiftly draw out my shades, temporarily blinded by the light. I…

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