Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Wipe my eyes one last time, finally I am home. I have found a place to grow, a homestead for our seeds to sow. Staring at the space between my foot and shared space of flat; it 's homely, I 'll give you that. But there 's no garden on the fourth floor, no plants for me to adore. I could believe in innocence but you believe in your own fists, it 's a long, long winter for us to grow. I love you more than you could ever know.
Tonight I was heading home after what felt like so long, the heating is finally on and I 'm sweating like a dog. Just off the back of five in the morning, I love New Scotland when no-one is out and alive. Following my own animal tracks, it 's a short trek - there 's some anthesis in that. But God, do I feel so young when I 'm out and alone, convinced each rarely passing car is filled with bones. Well, I suppose sometimes I 'm foolishly tempting fate and the boys with the big egos. But neither matter in our place to grow, our little plot, home away from home. Now, however, the pitch black fog is set straight, laid flat against the walls of all three of my lungs. Can 't be the cigarette smoke, they won 't let me off the coach. Fifteen hour journey from my home away from home. It was rain, sleet and snow. Mid January and I didn 't feel cold. I wore the fog like a blanket in this Scandinavian landscape. Like a blanket or a child 's makeshift superhero cape. You feel things quite strongly, don 't you? Like you wouldn 't fucking believe, it 's true. Yet, I…

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