Personal Narrative: Rabbits

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A Little Black Bunny
Rabbits aren’t just an Easter gift, they are a fun learning experience. My sister and I wanted a pet, more than just an orange and black betta fish. It was late 2010, almost 2011. I had wanted a rabbit for as long as I could remember, but my parents didn’t want to get one. “We already have a fish, we don’t need more pets.” Was one of my parents excuses. I would always beg and beg for one, but it never worked. Not even my silver puppy-dog eyes could persuade them. One day I had the “brilliant” idea of trying to catch rabbits in my backyard. I invited my freckled sister. She decided to come into the hot, sunny day and try to catch rabbits with me. Our brown hair bounced around as we ran, trying to capture the small brown
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Until, late October 2011, we got our lucky day. Our mom was at the shelter while we were in dance class, and she told us right after. We were jumping up and down, practically glowing with joy. Our mom took us there while still in our dance clothes, pink ballet slippers and hip hop shoes. We met the small, sleeping black bunny, in a room full of cats. She let us scratch her little head and we knew we had to get her. Our dad met us there after work, bringing in his laptop and maroon red backpack. He looked at the bunny, pet the bunny, then he looked at us with a happy smile and told us, “We’re getting this rabbit.” We set up an appointment to get her and learn how to take care of her. There was only one problem, we had to wait a whole week. I knew this week would last forever. There weren’t many things to fill in the time, so the week just dragged on. The whole week we had a thick fog swirling around like magic. Everything seemed to remind me of the rabbit we were getting in 5 days. The week didn’t last forever, but it seemed like it lasted a few eternities before we could get the black …show more content…
She was talking to our parents when I took a toy and put it up to the bunny’s face, and pushed it away as if it was annoying. It then took the toy I dropped, grabbed it with her tiny mouth and threw it as far as she could. She then proceeded to sniff us and climb onto our laps and playing with some of the other toys with us. Her favorite seemed to be a pink and purple ball with a bell inside. “She’s a very sweet bunny, I think you’ll like her. Oh, and you can keep that toy, she really does like it.” The tall, short haired woman chimed in. We continued playing with her until our parents picked her up, and we answered a few questions. Once that was done, the lady told us her name was Pipkin. We then decided to nickname her Kipper. When we got home, we had to set up her pen. We didn’t think it would be this hard to set up a rabbit pen. I then realized how much responsibility this would take. I learned that day that rabbits aren’t just fun, temporary pets. They are an 8-12 year commitment and they require love and care, just like any other

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