My First Car

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It was a warm quiet night and I was just getting ready to leave my job so that I could go and purchase the thing that I had been wanting for many years. I was really excited while I was walking home although it was dark and the street was very dull. As I got home from my creepy walk, I waited for my friend Sam to come over my house. I had been saving my money for a long period and it was time to buy my first car. My friend was an excellent mechanic and I wanted him to fully inspect the car that I would be throwing my money to. After a long period of time, my Sam shows up and we were off to a city in Michigan called Clio. …show more content…
Sam plugs the tire and just like that; I was already in my seat and we continued on our trip thinking that we wouldn’t stumble onto anymore trouble. Finally I started to picture myself driving and enjoying my car with no one to stop me. While Sam was trying to reach our destination quickly, he did not realize that he was speeding and I had fell asleep simply because the long walk to the auto shop. Just as I’m enjoying my little nap, I started to hear a loud siren which had been a police officer chasing us down for exceeding the speed limit. Sam was really nervous and at some point, I felt where as if he was going to start crying. Sam pulls over looking helplessly while the officer approached the vehicle. the officer asks Sam a few questions and take his information while I sit in the passenger seat without having a single word come out of my mouth. the officer walks toward his car and I look at Sam crying with laughter. I had no idea of what to say to my friend but I felt bad because he was scared a little even though this was his first time getting pulled over. Then finally the officer walks up to Sam and hands him his paperwork and lets him off with a warning for having a clean record. From that point on we continued on our drive and with just a few minutes later, we had finally arrived at the location. I noticed the car I was here for parked in the corner and we quickly park the car and get out to see my new car. I let Sam check the car and that’s when I knew everything was up to maintenance. The thrill feeling was overwhelming because I had just bought my first car which was a 350z made by

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