The Importance Of Maplestory

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There are a variety of reasons why people play games. Video games and Pc games help reduce stress and relax your mind from the real world. People suggest video games doesn’t harm anybody but create spontaneous ideas and intelligence. You can tell how much I adore games. One of my favorite Pc games ever since middle and elementary school is called Maplestory. Till this day I still play Maplestory daily. However, I’m going to experience on giving up playing Maplestory for a week. Since I would like to experience giving up something that has been in my life for decades. I’ve wondered how everything would turn out without it.
Maplestory has been in my life for about seven years. I know for the fact that without playing Maplestory it would be like
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I’ve been playing nonstop straight for seven hours every day, because I’m too addicted to my game instead of realizing what’s happening to my own body. I’ve realized that every time I play, parts of my body doesn’t work the way it used too and it’s slowly not becoming productive enough. Unfortunately, I’ve managed to survive without playing for a day. Turns out one of my body parts (butt) don’t hurt after all, because sitting for hours can be a painkiller. I tend to have enough sleep and reduce procrastination for homework. I couldn’t continue playing for seven hours straight if I would risk of having bad posture in my body. Every time I turn on my laptop, the icon just mocks me; my body can’t help to urge to click on the icon. I’ve felt lonely inside and couldn’t help to not just play for once. It’s very difficult to give up on something that has been in your life for so …show more content…
I’ve managed to finish my work and have spare time to organize my room and visit my mother; since I’m a bit far distance from where I live. Previously I’ve made a 76 on one of the easiest test for information technology; in result, on my second quiz I’ve scored 84. Since I’ve been so focused on school lately, I didn’t manage to distract myself on Maplestory. A lot of things change over time without Maplestory and college evolves a bit harder when I continue playing. Furthermore without Maplestory seems pretty intense and easy. I didn’t notice there’s a game room in the Student Center at E building and the Fitness & Wellness center at the F building. Notice how I don’t pay attention my school’s campus but I’m surely glad that I did. I’ve been distracted and attach lately I wouldn’t recognize my surroundings and what’s happening at my own campus. College isn’t so bad; you just have to learn how to manage your time and not to procrastinate. Or else you’ll end up having a bad grade or experiences just like me.
Earlier at 7:00 am, my goal had drifted miserably. My brother called me announcing he bought “$10 Nexon Cash” (similar to a gift card); it’s where you can purchase items on games only by the process of Nexon or online. I was jealous because he’ll be able to purchase things that would help increase his ability in the game better than mines. This irritates me because I’ve been playing Maplestory for so long more than my own

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