Descriptive Essay On Hatters Hostel

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Hatters Hostel is an amazing place to stay during your vacation. I was their guest and my stay here was the best ever. Their free breakfast made my mornings all so merry and their free WIFI kept me connected to the entire world. Hatters Hostel also offered me free walk tours and these freshened my mind with the refreshing calm air outside. Situated in Manchester northern quarter, the Hatters Hostel opens you up to the vibrant district which ensures that there is no dull moment while here. Their staff is the best in the whole world. They are so friendly and you can engage with them whenever.
The locals are awesome people and they are always more than ready to give you a preview of the life in Manchester. The Hatters Hostel is near the Manchester City Stadium and Manchester United Stadium which offer great touring experiences. Their rooms are spacious and very well maintained. Security is top of
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This offers a vast marine life and is the largest in the United Kingdom. I had a chance to see rays, sharks, jellyfish, seahorses and octopuses. They were there in their thousands and the site is just breathtaking. I had a chance to feed the glorious marine life and really enjoyed the fun talks.
Hop- On Hop-Off Bus Tour: I really wanted to drive through the city and get a feel of its magnificence. This led me to the hop-on hop-off bus tours of Manchester. The double decker ride took me on a drive around the city where I was able to sample the museums, the gothic cathedrals, as well as the sky-high towers. The best viewings were on top of the Clifford’s tower and the gothic church’s tower. From here I could see the beautiful city and its towering sky scrapers. I love shopping and the high fashion boutiques offered more than I needed. All this was crowned with some teatime thanks to the local

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