Reflective Essay: How I Put My Bike To School

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Bike Mayhem

I was getting ready for school one chilly autumn morning in Lake Havasu, Arizona when I decided to ride my bike to school. I usually ride my bike unless I have one of those days where I just walk to school. I could not find my school jacket so I just decided to hurry up and get to school to see if I may have left it in one of my classrooms. I walked into the garage and opened the door so that I will be able to get my bike out. I then preceded to do me morning routine: check the tires, adjust the seat for downhill riding, and make sure that the handlebars were still straight. I noticed that my handlebars were in fact a little loose so I grabbed an adjustable wrench so that I may be able to tighten them. After I tightened my bars I checked my breaks. My back breaks were working fine except for an annoying squeaking sound. My front breaks were just a tiny bit loose with a very loud squeal. I adjusted the front break so that they were not touching the rim so that I may be able to ride to school without hearing it all the way there. I grabbed my sisters purple bike lock that I have been borrowing for the past couple of weeks because my had broken. I hop on my bike I get ready to head off, (this is the part where I would have kicked up the kickstand but my bike did not have one). I rode down my driveway hearing the hum of the garage door closing and the sound of rubber against pavement. When I got to my shortcut that I always took between two houses, I had to get off and walk my bike through. On the other side of the shortcut I got back on my bike and rode down a driveway that was steeper than any hill I have seen in Kansas. At the bottom I then proceeded to ride the rest of the route to school. When I got halfway down the main
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(I then crashed my new bike again but I did not get as banged

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