Good Dog Research Paper

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Good Dog Dogs are a man’s best friend. Whether or not you personally love dogs, you know someone who does. Dog owners love their companions with fervor; going so far as to take photoshoots with them, bring them on family vacations, and give them a proper grave when they die. Some may wonder what these animals do to deserve such immense adoration from humans, but we dog lovers know. Nothing compares to the loyalty a canine companion will show you. Every ounce of love shown towards a dog is returned enthusiastically and without hesitation. Their happy innocence is something that has never failed to make us humans smile.
There are many different types of dogs; Dachshunds and Poodles, thin dogs and fat dogs, smart dogs and stupid dogs, etc. Walking
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These quirky beasts are endearing, and they always mean well. Rufus may cause trouble at times, like being a huge bear of a dog that seems to think he is a lap dog. Little does he know that by hopping up into your lap to snuggle, he is unknowingly crushing you. If you are in a bad mood, this dog is the bane of your existence. Every ploy for your attention is torture, every quirk is a fatal flaw that does not fail to infuriate you, and every puddle of drool you have to clean up is another reminder that you, of all people, were cursed with this weirdo. Why then, do we put up with this nonsense? Because that weird dog is ours. We watched Rufus become the goofball he is, and we appreciate him for it. Drool on, Rufus. Perhaps the best dog of them all is the perfect dog. Everyone dreams of having this pet, and those who do better make sure not to take their pooch for granted. This animal is a beautiful creature, too pure for this world, that can almost never do wrong in the eyes of their owners. This dog will be called Val. Val seems to know you better than you know yourself; she shows up exactly when she is needed, and leaves you be when alone time is crucial. You will think regularly about how miserable your life would be without her, and you know the day she dies will be tragic beyond

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