Descriptive Essay : Native New Yorker

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Evaluative Essay: Native New Yorker
Planning to go out with some friends? Whether it is with doctors, or scientists, or maybe your significant other, one epic questions always goes unanswered. “What do you want to eat?” Despite all of the knowledge we accrue throughout our life times, this is the hardest question to answer. We can spew out opinions on politics or trending pop culture, but when it comes to dinner, few are brave enough to make a suggestion first. With thousands of restaurant to choose from restaurants, I have chosen the Native New Yorker to visit and review. This paper should reveal why the theme, food, and finally the customer service will bring back many repeat customers. Some people choose places to eat based on the ambiance. Well, at Native New Yorker, the aura provided is build around sports. There are many televisions providing a number of different sporting events. There will be ice hockey one a few televisions and with the slightest eye movement you can watch football. Some televisions have basketball and others soccer. I personally enjoy watching mixed martial arts fighting or boxing when I go on some Saturday nights. It would not called a “sports bar” if I failed to mention the bar. An owner, Dale Hiles, of a franchise in Yuma, AZ is quoted as saying, “He extends an invitation for people ‘to come by and see the new look, have a cold beer and some wings and enjoy their favorite game’”(qtd. The Sun par. 2). This sports bar theme is one of the selling…

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