Mcdonald's Customer Service

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Analysis of McDonald's Customer Service

McDonald's is probably the best company in the world in the sector of fast food service. This company has become the global leader in the fast food industry through its diverse categories of fast food. There is hardly any elegant fast food that is not produced by McDonald's. The chain of this restaurant business is spread all around the world. It is getting bigger and better with the time. But, the most amazing, most noticed, most analyzed, and most researched segment of this company is its customer service. For years, experts have researched and evaluated the customer service segment of McDonald's. But in order to properly analyze and have a proper understanding of this aspect, one must need to have
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The fundamental policy of a successful company is to ensure that every customer is given the most priority in every step of the service and operation. Being a global leader in the sector of fast food service, McDonald's must ensure that each and every one of its consumer does not have any complaint about the service. The company attempts really hard to serve in the best way. This is quite evident from the structure of the supply chain that emphasizes on the quality rather than establishing a false reputation. But, there are certainly some deficiencies. When you ask the employees to arrange a seat according to your needs, they don't pay enough attention to your request. You often have to make your own arrangement. According to the business ethics, an organization has to make sure that a company has enough resources and man power to positively respond to the need of every customer. But what I observed from my personal experience is that the actions of the employees were a violation of this ethical issue to some extent. The process of the order acceptance and its processing is quite longer than what should be. Some of the employees are quite fast and immediate in their response, but others were really quite slow and sloppy. It took quite longer than they proposed to process and prepare the order. Another important factor of business management and corporate ethics is not to promise the consumers with anything that the company structure cannot fulfill. The McDonald restaurant could not stand up to their proposed service to some extent. But the impressive fact was that the employees continuously kept me updated about the progress of the order. The most amazing and indisputable thing is the quality of the food they serve. Almost every customer seems to be happy with the quality of the food and its presentation. The most important thing about the

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