Descriptive Essay - Insane Asylum

2005 Words Jan 13th, 2016 9 Pages
Every morning is the same, I wake up groggy and confused, look around at my dingy room with pale white walls, and realize where I am. An insane asylum. I move my legs and arms to try and stretch and I feel the restraints holding me down to my rickety metal bed. It 's sad how little care they have for a women like myself. A man walks in with a shiny metal tray, full of a meat that looks as old as his face and mashed potatoes that are so watery they almost splash out of the tray. The man places the tray on the ground and grabs the keys from his brown leather belt to unlock the shackles on both of my hands. I rub my wrists as he walks out of the room without a single word. He glances back and shuts the door, expressionless. This is not uncommon for anyone who works here, they 've seen just about every horrific thing there is. Some time later the older man comes back in, takes my spotless tray, places me in my restraints, and leaves, locking the door behind him. I spend the rest of my time falling in and out of sleep. I know it’s the afternoon when the same older man walks in with the same meal of old meat and watery mashed potatoes. We’re suppose to get three meals a day but this place is so jacked up we barely get one. Although I hate starving all of the time, the meal I do get is enough to keep myself alive. It 's also the only thing that tells me what time it is. Every time the old man opens the door, I can see into the white hallway. Across from my room is a clock. After…

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