Descriptive Essay : Ice Cream

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It all started with the line, “I’m craving some ice cream”. After a long day on the beach trying to tan but ending up looking like walking lobsters, we decided to stay in the room and just have a chill night. Or that is what was intended. We all piled up onto the pull-out couch watching some weird old movie when Mandy, my best friend, suggested we go get some ice cream. Of course everyone agreed because who is not always up for some good ole ice cream. As soon as everyone had their shoes on and were ready to go, we were out the door. On the elevator ride down to the lobby, we had time to look up the nearest ice cream place around us. The nearest one was a block down the road, so we decided to walk instead of take a car. It was a nice night with the breeze blowing off the gulf and was only 11 o’clock. We didn’t think about the ice cream place being closed since it was in the middle of summer on a Friday night. However, to our surprise and disappointment it was closed. We stood in the Dippin’ Dots parking lot for 10 to 15 minutes trying to decide if we wanted to walk somewhere else or just go back. We finally decided to go to Walmart because we needed other groceries too, so why not kill two birds with one stone. From how Savannah explained it, “Walmart is behind the mall. See!” She pointed in the direction of the mall. It did not seem that far, or that’s what we thought. We started walking toward the mall laughing and goofing around. We looked like the typical obnoxious…

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