Descriptive Essay : Footprints Or Trails

1157 Words Oct 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
Footprints or trails? Neither.
Have you ever walked through a trail for the first time and felt the breeze? Have you ever appreciated the trail 's surroundings: soft round pebbles, dust, fallen leaves and branches - some dried and others fresh? Have you ever appreciated the old wrinkled trees bordering it and the ridged ground, which marks those who walked down that trail? Well, I have and still do.
Ten years ago, on my way home after running some errands, I walked through a trail that was new to me. I was in an adventurous mood and I decided to divert from the main, busy road. I stood at the junction of the road and the unfamiliar trail, ignoring the eyes and frown covered faces of those staring at me. They were probably thinking ‘ 'this quiet, helpless kid is finding a path and could easily get lost". Conversely, I was curious as to where the trail would lead me. I took the trail and meandered through it, then to another branching trail without the knowledge of what was next except reaching my destination. Nevertheless, I found the ups and downs of the knotted roots and trees acting like fences intriguing than the green scenery. I then noticed my love for trails. It did not matter if the trail had a great scenery or not, nor did it matter if I was all alone. The word ‘trail ' originates from an old French word 'trailler ' which means to tow or to pull. The irony lies in the fact that the sight of a trail I have never come across, has the power to captivate and convince me…

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