Descriptive Essay : Disney World

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Disney World
When it comes to my childhood there is not a lot I remember. I remember small little things like when I got an electrical plug stabbed into my fore head and I had to get stitches. I remember when I learned to swim at my aunt’s pond. I remember small details from my childhood, but one memory I know and remember enough about to write this 3-4 page essay is the time my parents took me and my two sisters to Disney World in Orlando, Florida as a surprise vacation.
It was November of 2004 and my parents decided to go out to dinner with my two sisters and me. I don’t remember where we went I just remember on the way back my dad decided to go for a drive. It was late for my 7 year old self. As I sat in the back seat of our car, crammed in with my sisters; I was staring out the window watching the lights fly back trying to keep my eyes from shutting. Eventually I couldn’t fight the weight of my eyelids anymore and I was out like a light. When I woke up we were back at my house and my mom was walking out of the door carrying a couple blankets and pillows for us girls in the back. She told me to go back to sleep that we were just going for a cruise.
The next time I woke up was to the sound of my older sister nagging my mom. She kept asking her where we were and my mom just kept pushing off the answer. Half-awake I listened to the conversation and my mom turned it into a guessing game. She continuously told my sister that it’s somewhere we’ve all talked about going to and…

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