Descriptive Essay : ' Conquering Mountains '

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Conquering Mountains When little things are bothering someone too much it will start causing problems in relationships and everyday life. A significant other took the trash out, a good event, but they forgot to put a new trash bag in the bin. A person not experiencing being bothered by little things may just be happy the trash is out. Someone bothered by the small incidents, however, may look past the good act and be more irritated by the missing bag. When the irritation turns into an argument it can confuse and hurt the significant other. Furthermore, sometimes the focusing on small, irrelevant issues can cause the person to hold onto those negative thoughts. Holding onto bad thoughts turns a whole day bad and may distract from important or even good times in day to day life. A likely cause for these frequent overreactions is unresolved stress. A person not dealing with stress might not even understand where the unusually negative outlook on smaller events is coming from and that can be very frustrating. If one takes that unavoidable stress and turns it into a motivator to power through situations while making them constructive, it will not only solve the stress but it will then be useful. A very important thing people have control over in life is themselves and how they deal with situations. It makes sense to solve a problem by changing one’s perspective on the issue. Deborah Kotz, in an article titled “Relax! Stress, if Managed, Can Be Good for You.” in U.S. News and…

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