The Argument Essay: The Importance Of Meditation

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One major hindrance to living an awesome life is stress. Stress, also described as anxiety and pressure, prevents people from living the best life possible. Unfortunately, stress not only affects the individual, but everyone around them. Often, stress clutters our state of mind so that we approach even the simplest tasks with panic. There comes a point where the mind goes into overdrive trying to prioritize, and exists in a state of disorder.
We identified a clear need to eliminate stress on campus, or at least to reduce it. The solution that our team came up with is to hold meditation sessions while dogs are present. Meditation can be defined as a state of focus on the present; during meditation, one is not physically active. We decided to include dogs in our meditation sessions to facilitate students’ meditation. Dogs are naturally happy animals, regardless of any hardships they have experienced; because of this inner tranquility, dogs can help humans to focus and enjoy the present moment. Dogs even enjoy meditating with humans, which simulates “cuddl[ing] up and hound-loung[ing] with the pack. In fact, this connection is pivotal to a dog’s health and happiness” (Jacobson 4-5). By observing the dogs’ carefree attitude, people can achieve a better meditative state.
Meditation also helps to resolve
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First, we resolved the issue of location. Originally, we wanted to host our meditation sessions in room 104 of the library because we knew from experience that it is a popular location for students to work on their finals. Unfortunately, due to complications and delayed communication with Kathy Dalton, Arden could not reserve the room. After further contemplation, Alethea determined that Horn Meditation Chapel would be the next best option. The room is already a designated breathing space. Further, the lighting can be controlled, the space provides an intimate setting, and there are even cushions

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