Descriptive Essay About Venture Hostel

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Venture hostel is London’s little heaven when it comes to accommodation. I fell in love with it for its cleanliness and nearness to the magical city of London. Venture hostel is just 5 minutes away from New Cross and Deptford rail stations and this makes it very convenient and easy to access. You can access central London in just 15 minutes. Also close by is a bus line and if you have meetings in downtown then Venture Hostel is the place to be. Their staff are easy going and always ensure you are comfortable. Venture hostel offers the best continental breakfast and the food is real good. The rooms are well organized and cozy and security is guaranteed for luggage and self. Venture Hostel has WIFI in the rooms and this kept me well connected with the world I had left behind.
Five things to do:
Tower of London: Sampling the city of
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The viewing platform is 80m high and this takes real guts. If you are afraid of heights then you will have to close your eyes and pray for strength. It is all worth it anyway as you get to enjoy panoramic views of the breathtaking London. From here I was also able to see London’s best football grounds and the peculiar buildings of London such as the Shard, Gherkin and Big Ben.
Greenwich Park: I have a special love for nature and so on my many adventures I make sure that I visit a park. This led me on a tour of the Greenwich Park in London. It is an iconic grassland which is home to birds, deers and faxes and I had a beautiful quiet time here. The chirping of the birds made the place so calm and peaceful. It really helped me unwind and I had a lot of fun trying to identify the various creatures. Also available in this park are puppet shows and workshops and they add on to the fun menu. There is no hungry moment as there is a restaurant on site with great

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