Descriptive Essay About My Life

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Before embarking on my soundwalk, I had a few basic expectations of sounds I would encounter, mostly based on prior memories of wandering MIT’s campus. I knew what the soft, low murmurs should sound like when traversing the corridors. I knew to expect the clip-clop of hard stepping walkers in the silent tunnels, and the high pitched buzzing and whining of electrical components overhead. Outside, the wind would make soft, mid pitched whuuu and shhh noises, which would serve as background for trees that would swish or rustle, people who’s voices would carry far in the open area, and the clanking and clanking metallic sounds of the construction that constantly plagues MIT.

During the soundwalk, I was constantly surprised by the amount of detailed and minute differences in sounds I was able to hear when paying attention. I not only heard footsteps, but I heard different kinds of footsteps, belonging different kinds of people wearing different styles of shoe. Flips flops would make that distinctive clip clop sound, but would lose the lower frequency thump belonging to heavier shoes. If someone were wearing longer pants, the highest of the higher frequencies would be deadened, resulting in a drier sound of step. The sound of a heavier shoe, such as a tennis shoe sounded more substantial and lively, resulting in a solid thump that would carry and reverberate especially well on hard surfaces. However, some people would drag their feet, resulting in a short noise burst ending in a…

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