Descriptive Essay - A Distasteful Journey

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A Distasteful Journey
The sun wrapped my body in its warm blanket. It extended its radiant arms to the surface, illuminating my surroundings. The slight breeze flowed through my hair and encompassed my entire figure in order to reverse the toasty effects of that ball of heat from above. The wind and warmth worked together in harmony without overpowering one another, helping to establish comfort. Finally, the weather was perfect – ideal temperatures and beautiful, clear skies. With a sunny and cool day, it was a relief that Athens was not cursed with scorching temperatures or with an incessant downpour of spontaneous rain. I wished I could turn back time and pause this moment in order to immerse myself in nature’s scenic beauty. However, I had previous arrangements to explore downtown Athens to locate the notorious bakery store, Insomnia Cookies, that made shameful products.
Downtown Athens (and any populous city) resembled a foreign country. I knew I would be in for a challenge, trying to navigate through this unfamiliar setting. I was reluctant to take one small step off the bus to enter the lively environment. My palms were sweating and my feet were tapping on the floor in a nervous fit. I realized I was overreacting and magnified the seriousness of the situation through trivial thoughts. You can do this, I thought to motivate myself. Despite my words of encouragement, one timid step into the city transformed into a giant leap into a hectic jungle. Crowds of people…

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