My Nickname Essay

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The list of nicknames that have stemmed from my given name of Marygrace is actually quite long when I think about it. The most obvious but least used nickname being Mg, while other names such as Mig and Mur are what dominate people’s minds when they speak to me. Other nicknames have come and gone such Pigeon and Magnesium. However, overall each nickname I have gone or go by represents an important part of my life. Mig is typically not a common name or even a common nickname. The only person who comes to mind when I think of Mig is Midge from That 70’s Show. This nickname appeared in my life as a freshman during second semester when I found myself sitting in theater explorations on the first day of second semester. Mrs. Lang was going through …show more content…
Two of the more prominent names being Pigeon and Magnesium. When I think of the name Magnesium, I immediately think of my freshman year of high school. Magnesium stemmed from physics class when learning about the periodic elements. Magnesium's symbol on the periodic table is Mg, and since the initials of my first name are Mg it was only a natural fit to be called Magnesium. It connected me with others in my class I had not previously talked to before. None of these people ever became my closest friends but to this day it’s an inside joke amongst the few of us. Walking down the hallway one or two times I’ve been called Magnesium by some of these people from my freshman year physics class and it never fails to bring a smile to my face knowing someone still remembers that. My other forgotten nickname Pigeon, hasn’t been used since my sophomore year. It was another theater nickname given to me by a senior who would call me Migeon Pigeon. It was a happy time in my life and Lily and my best friend at the time would be the two people who called me that. But now as a senior two years later, neither of these two people are in my life anymore. One just being because of time and the other being more heart breaking. It represents a time where I thought we would be friends for the rest of our lives but now there’s nothing left between

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